SMED changeover time reduction increases the flexibility of your company!

Why apply SMED? In times of increasing diversity, the customer demands an ever-increasing product mix in small volumes. To meet this demand, it is essential to provide flexibility in the production system. A crucial factor to achieve this flexible production environment is the reduction of changeover times. SMED (Single Minute Exchange or Die) is the technique that PVO uses to achieve significant changeover times. It is a method of studying, analyzing and sensitively reducing changeover times in a number of concrete steps.

What exactly is SMED changeover time reduction?

The principle of SMED is based on what is called the pit-stop philosophy:

1. splitting changeover activities into 2 types:

- activities that can only be performed during the machine downtime (internal or online changeover activities)

- activities that can be performed when the installation is running (external or offline changeover activities)

2. transferring as many internal changeover activities as possible to external activities.

Why SMED changeover time reduction?

SMED provides numerous benefits for both the company and its employees:

  • Faster and more efficient changeover time
  • Increased flexibility
  • Shorter delivery time
  • Increase bottleneck capacity
  • Better quality and higher productivity
  • Reduction in inventory costs
  • Simple and safe setup in a standardized environment

It is important to mention that the improvements via the SMED method

can be realized with a minimum of investments!