General sales conditions of PVO

General sales conditions

The general terms and conditions of sale of BVBA P.v.O. - Partners for Entrepreneurs (hereinafter: P.v.O.) apply to all our commercial actions and are deemed to have been accepted by the customer, even if these conditions contradict the customer's own general or special purchase conditions. Changes to our general terms and conditions of sale are only valid if there is a prior written agreement between the parties.

Offers are only binding if they are signed by the customer. Our quotations only include those services that are explicitly stated in it. Additional wishes of the customer are not included in the price.

Canceling a registration for a course is only possible in writing. For cancellations up to one week before the start date, a € 100 administration fee will be charged. After this date, the full participation fee is due. You can of course always be replaced free of charge by a colleague. P.v.O expressly reserves the right to cancel a scheduled course at any time or to postpone it to a date to be determined without being liable for this.

Consultancy assignments can only be canceled in writing up to 2 weeks before the start of the project. A 10% cancellation fee will be charged.

The prices proposed by us are always exclusive of VAT and only serve as a mere indication and only bind the parties subject to the explicit agreement of both. The prices are based on the information provided in the quotation. Additional advice will lead to a price adjustment in the process. The rates can be adjusted in January of each year to changing market conditions.

Travel costs for employees of P.v.O. made for the purpose of visiting the customer will be charged on a direct basis at € 0.45 per kilometer (per car). The number of kilometers is determined from Kortrijk.

Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices are payable within 30 days from receipt. The costs and fees are due as soon as the work is started for the benefit of the customer. Partial invoicing may be made depending on whether the work for the customer is started, even if the order is not necessarily terminated. Unless otherwise agreed, these interim invoices apply as a bill and not as an advance.

In the event of total or partial non-payment of the invoice on the due date, the invoice amount will be increased by operation of law and without prior notice of default with an interest of 12% per annum calculated from the due date of the invoice. In the absence of a special due date, this is considered to coincide with the invoice date.

The amount of unpaid invoices will, by way of compensation, be legally increased by 10%, with a minimum of EUR 125.00, from the day following the due date of the invoices, without prior notice of default and on top of the principal sum, delay interest, collection, reminder and prosecution costs. This compensation is due in order to allow P.v.O. to be able to reimburse for all its extrajudicial expenses, loss of time and administration costs.

The non-payment on the due date of an invoice makes the balance of all other invoices due and payable immediately, irrespective of the payment conditions permitted in advance.

In the event of non-payment of our invoices on the due date, we reserve the right to stop further services and to stop the work.

We also reserve the right to consider the agreement dissolved by operation of law and without prior notice of default for the whole and the part not yet executed.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, all intellectual rights with regard to proposals, designs, images and quotes provided by us remain our property. They may not be copied in whole or in part without our permission other than for internal use by the person to whom they have been provided and may not be shown, handed over, or otherwise disclosed, used or made available to third parties other than for the purpose for which they were provided by us.

P.v.O. is approved for payments via the SME portfolio for both training (DV.O103837) and advice (DV.A101433). If you wish to make use of this subsidy measure, you must submit your application within 14 days of starting up. A late request is automatically rejected. More detailed information about the SME portfolio can be found on the following website: and on

From the commencement date of the collaboration until 24 months after its termination, the client will not be employed by P.v.O. engage directly or indirectly or hire or attempt to do so on any other basis. In the context of this article, the term "personnel" means all personnel or other persons such as freelancers and subcontractors made available by P.v.O.

When the customer acts contrary to this article, he is liable for the damage that P.v.O. will suffer to compensate for this. This allowance is equated with the gross salary for the preceding 12 months of the person concerned.

P.v.O. will provide the services with due care. The services that P.v.O. grants its best efforts obligations and no results obligations. The entire liability on the part of P.v.O (contractual or extra-contractual) for all assignments under this agreement is limited to the agreed fees (excl. VAT) for these assignments. This limitation will also apply when the liability of P.v.O. is the result of a personal intentional error or a personal fraud.

When two or more claims appear to be the result of the same error that P.v.O. has been committed, they will be deemed to constitute a single case of liability and the liability of P.v.O. for this, therefore, will be limited to the highest amount of liability that applies to the assignments or agreements concerned. P.v.O. can also only be held liable for compensation of the net damage suffered by the customer.

The customer acknowledges explicitly to have taken note of the privacy statement as found on and agrees with this.

P.v.O. guarantees that all acquired data will be treated confidentially.

Remarks or complaints regarding invoicing must be sent to us by registered letter within 8 days after receipt of the invoice. If no (timely) dispute P.v.O. is assumed that the customer agrees with the invoiced services.

In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the judicial district of Ghent, Kortrijk department, have jurisdiction. Belgian law applies.