Order and tidiness in the workplace with 5S

What is 5s?

5S is a structured approach to introducing order and tidiness in the workplace in a standardized environment. This is achieved by eliminating redundant materials and actions and by safeguarding the improvements made.

PVO's 5S approach reduces errors and wastage in the workplace and makes a major contribution to a safe workplace where work can be carried out under optimum conditions. The resulting productivity increase will contribute to the operating result.

Moreover, 5S provides your organization with a professional image to visitors (customers, suppliers, ...)

What are the benefits of 5S?

The starting point of 5S is to remove unused materials from the workstation and to ensure that those that are needed are easy to find. This ensures a well-organized and clean workplace that is safer and more efficient. As a result, more time is also spent on value-added activities and less time is wasted searching for the right tools or materials. Removing materials also frees up space at the workstation. Costs associated with this will therefore also decrease.

Keeping the workplace clean leads to reduced downtime because defective tools and malfunctions are detected faster. We can therefore see cleaning as preventive maintenance to prevent small problems from growing unseen into serious downtime.

The order and cleanliness that is achieved by applying 5S also ensures an increased involvement with the employees and a pleasant environment to work in.

PVO provides both training and advice in this 5S technique that is often seen as a first step to a "Lean" company.